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Fixing the Bmw chassis function restricted message on my idrive by replacing the rear suspension level e 15% OFF COUPON CODE: EDCARDIYAUTOONE LE.

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Chassis Function Restricted. Hey all, I had this come up yesterday, I switched the car off and on, all ok and carried on driving. I started it up in the morning and the warning came back on again and won't go away. I even tried disconnecting the battery to reset. The M buttons don't work and it flashes a couple of times if pressed.
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    Har fått meddelande begränsad chassifunktion lite till och från så drog iväg till BMW och läst av felkoden fick detta svaret. "Felkoder finns på reglertid och ventiler till kompressor. reglerhöjning VB 7ggr, dom andra 1 gång". En gemensam nämnare som dom kunde utläsa var att det varit runt 0 grader när felmeddelandet kommit upp.

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      "Chassis function limited. Consult service center at your convenience." I took it into the dealership last week, they said it was related to a disconnected sensor that also controlled the self leveling headlights. Since that visit, I got the message a few more times while driving so I dropped it off at the dealership this morning.

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    BimmaMan · #3 · Mar 12, dlh said: Just got the warning from my GC. "Chassis function restricted: Drive moderately". Wonder if anyone else had this before. It cleared on its own after restarting but i might bring it to the dealers to get it checked just in case. It is probably nothing, it happened to me about two years ago in my F

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    While backing out of a parking space, the car hit me with a chassis function restricted drive moderately warning. The suspension is now very stiff. I reckon this has to do with the EDC. The car has the m sport package/adaptive suspension. I pulled the codes with BimmerLink and these two were the errors that I received.

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  • Lipschitzkontinuitet. Bild av en Lipschitzkontinuerlig funktion som innesluts av två koner. Eftersom det går att placera konernas skärningspunkt var som helst på funktionen utan att någon del av funktionen hamnar i det vita området, är den Lipschitzkontinuerlig. Funktionen på intervallet [0,1] är inte Lipschitzkontinuerlig eftersom.