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    The House of Bernadotte is the royal family of Sweden since its foundation there in It was also the royal family of Norway between and Its founder, Charles XIV John of Sweden, was born in Pau in southern France as Jean Bernadotte.

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Sweden - Bernadotte Dynasty, Royal Family, Scandinavia: From his arrival in Sweden in October , Bernadotte, who took the name Charles John, became the real leader of Swedish politics. In designating him for the crown, the Swedes hoped that he would somehow reconquer Finland and the Åland Islands.

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House of Bernadotte, royal dynasty of Sweden, from The name derives from a family of old lineage of Béarn, France, whose earliest known member (17th century) owned an estate in Pau known as “Bernadotte.”. In , Jean-Baptiste-Jules Bernadotte, a celebrated marshal of France under Napoleon, was elected crown prince of Sweden, went.

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The Swedish Royal House belongs to the Bernadotte dynasty, who have held the Swedish throne for over years. Family tree Explore the Bernadotte Dynasty family tree. Click on the names in the family tree to learn more about the members of the Bernadotte dynasty. SHOW THE BERNADOTTE DYNASTY FAMILY TREE The Bernadotte Dynasty Karl XIV Johan.

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    Charles XIV John (Swedish: Karl XIV Johan; born Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte; [1] 26 January – 8 March ) was King of Sweden and Norway from until his death in Before his reign he was a Marshal of France during the Napoleonic Wars and participated in several battles.

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    A patrilineal member of the Bernadotte family, he was also a descendant of the House of Vasa through maternal lines. Through his mother, Victoria, he was a descendant of Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden of the deposed House of Holstein-Gottorp. Gustaf Adolf became Crown Prince of Sweden on 8 December , on the death of his grandfather, King Oscar II.

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    About Charles XIV John, king of Sweden and Norway. Carl XIV & III Johan (26 January – 8 March ) was King of Sweden (as Carl XIV Johan) and King of Norway (as Karl III Johan) from until his death. Before he became king, he was also the Sovereign Prince of Pontecorvo, in Southern Italy, between and

    Bernadotte, Royal Family, Sweden, Che

  • Bernadotte is the dynastic name of Sweden's royal family, which has its origins in southern äldsta kända medlemmen i släkten på fädernet är Joandou du Poey, som den 5 juli gifte sig med Germaine de Bernadotte, delägare i ett hus i Pau, kallat "de Bernadotte", och från vilken namnet Bernadotte har sitt ursprung.